Old Istanbul by Tram


Old Istanbul by Tram

Level: Moderate (7 Hours)

Tour Highlights: 

– Blue Mosque
– Hagia Sophia
– Topkapi Palace
– Grand Bazaar


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After disembarkation, you will be met at the port by your private guide.

Then you will walk to the tram station to go to the old town where you will cover the major sites of Istanbul. This is going to be a walking tour for you. The sites are all within walking distance to each other. You will start the day with visiting Sultanahmet Mosque so called ‘Blue Mosque’. When you first step in to the mosque you will see why it is called Blue Mosque. Thousands of pieces hand painted Iznik tiles were used for the interior decoration of this temple for worship. This mosque was built by Sultan Ahmet I in the early years of 17th century and since then people has been praying here. And then you will approach to Hagia Sophia. Built in 6th century by Emperor Justinian, this church has been the masterpiece of Byzantine architecture that was the centre of the Eastern Orthodox Church almost for nine hundred years. Once it was the largest and finest building in the known-world . Later, it converted into a mosque by the Ottomans in 1453 with the conquest of old Constantinople. Today, it is the must-see place in Istanbul housing the finest mosaics from Byzantine period and Islamic relics from Ottoman era.

You will have an opportunity to experiance Turkish cuisine during your lunch. After your lunch, you will be the guests of Ottoman Sultans in their home. Topkapi Palace Museum, for over four centuries was the imperial residance of the sultans. It was from this palace that the sultans ruled an empire in heyday stretched from Eastern Europe to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a large complex spread out in four courtyards. You will live the history and feel the atmosphere of past centuries while you are wandering around. Today, it houses a remarkable collection of priceless jewelry, costumes, weapons and porcelain. And then we move on to Istanbul’s world-renowned Grand Bazaar. It is a enormous labyrinth of  thousands of stores under one roof. The stores offers hand-woven carpets-Kilims, gold and silver jewelry, tiles, ceramics, leather goods, textiles, fine antiques.

Tour ends at the cruise terminal.

P.S: Hagia Sophia is closed on Monday and Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesday.Grand Bazaar is closed on Sunday.


Our Rates:

  • Please ask our best rates for your groups
  • We don’t charge anything for the kids under 12 years old. (You must bring their passports to the tour.)

We don’t charge pre-payment for our daily tours.

We don’t accept credit card payments. The tour payment must be paid in cash to your tour guide when you meet.

*Museum tickets are free of charge for under 12 years old.

Hagia Sophia is closed on Mondays.
Topkapi Palace is closed on Tuesdays.
Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays.

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