Travel Tips

Turkish Visa

It is possible to get your visa at the international airports following your arrival

With an online visa through the internet, you can save time at the airport.

You can obtain your Turkish visa online

Electricity in Turkey

We use 220 V with two round pins as an electric plug just like in Europe. Despite most of the hotels have, it helps to bring an adaptor along, if you are going to bring a charger and etc.

Travel cheques/ATMs/Changing Money

You can spend genarally USD, EURO  in the grand bazaar. But Turkish people spends Turkish Lira in Turkey. We recommend you spending Turkish Lira while your stay in Turkey. You can easily change your money in the touristic area in official Post Offices, banks, change offices and hotels. Best rates are given at the change offices in the grand bazaar.

Travelers checks are not easy to change, most of the banks do not accept them. So, ATM (debit cards) can be a easier solution. Try to bring two cards in case one of them does not work or losing it to the ATM machines. Make sure to inform your bank that you are going overseas and using your card in Turkey.

Several good books about Turkey

*`Birds without wings ` by Louis De Bernieres .

Crescent and Star by Steven Kinzer is a wonderful book on Turkey of the 20th Century.

Orhan pamuk`s Nobel Prize Winner ` İstanbul ` ( rather melancholic ! It will make more sense to read Pamuk`s istanbul after you get to know Istanbul.)

Andrew Mango’s “The Turks Today ” and “Ataturk”.

At the mosque

For women visiters it’s required getting to the mosques with your scarf covers your head and shoulders and long skirts or loose throusers.
Men visiters should wear long throusers not shorts. Men should take the caps&hats off while entering to the mosque.

In Ephesus
Comfortable shoes with good soles will provide you easy walk on the uneven site.
Hat or cap keeps your head from the sun.
Make sure you have your bottled water before starting your tour.

In Cappadocia

Bring your hiking shoes and hiking poles are handy. You may need a hat or cap.

Average tipping at the restaurants is usually 10-15% of the total bill.
Tour drivers usually expect tips from the passengers after the tour.
No need to tip for the cab drivers.
Hotel staff, especially waiters and bellboys expect tips from their guests

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